Why you shouldn’t use lip scrubs

Hello lovelies! Today I wanted to discuss a quite interesting subject that I don’t think many people are aware of, namely lip scrubs. We all know that during the cold winter months most of us fall victim for chapped lips which can last all the way to spring. We then tend to look for things that will restore our lips to their natural state, like lip scrubs. However, it’s a curse disguised as a blessing. I’m going to tell you why.


Before I start saying anything I have to admit that I have, too, used lip scrubs before so I’m no better myself. In fact, I might have gotten a little addicted to the feeling of getting instantly smooth lips from having chapped lips. I guess this is why a lot of people use them though because let’s face it, it’s like a superhero for dry, chapped lips.

However, unlike the rest of our face the skin on the lips is more delicate and sensitive (read: defenseless). That means that when you’re using an abrasive lip scrub you are exfoliating away both the dry and the healthy skin off your lips, which basically means you’re removing the skins natural protection. This, in turn, leaves the skin exposed to the air which causes them to become dry, and of course, ultimately results in even more chapped lips. So with other words, an endless cycle.

Now, there are bad lip scrubs and, well, less bad lips scrubs which contains moisturizing ingredients. My suggestion, though, is that you skip them completely and instead tries to fight the root of the issue. I know I know, who has time to fight the root of the issue… but believe me, it will save you a lot of time in the long run. Below I’ve gathered a few do’s and don’ts that will hopefully help you.

What you should do when you have chapped lips:

  • Drink water – preferably 8 glasses a day so you’re hydrated on the inside too.
  • Use lip balm – ingredients such as vaseline/beeswax (vera alba), sunscreen, lanolin and cocoa butter, dimethicone, humectant like urea or glycerin, and ceramides are good for hydrated lips.
  • Eat fish – the omega 3 fatty acids might be able to restore the skin’s natural oils.
  • Use a humidifier – it will help make the air a little healthier
  • Apply lip balm before bed – particularly with ingredients like shea butter, glycerin or natural oil like coconut oil.

What you should not do when you have chapped lips:

  • Lick your lips – your saliva is meant to digest food, meaning it will only make your lips dry
  • Pick your lips if they’re flaky – picking at them can trigger a cold sore or lead to bleeding
  • Use the wrong lips balms – these include lip balms with ingredients such as menthol, fragrances, artificial colors, alcohol, salicylic acid, aloe butter, vitamin E

If you still have dry lips after following these tips to the letter, then probably because your lips hates being moisturized and becomes chapped just to spite you. Well, unless your lips have a mind of their own I don’t think that’s very likely. However, if you really have tried everything and nothing work you might want to see a professional since it might be the result of a lack of nutrients.

Bye for now,


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