Top 5 best-selling green juices

Hello, lovelies! Fruit juice is something most of us have enjoyed at some point, perhaps to a sunny day or to breakfast. Green juice, on the other hand, is not as common. Then again, what is green juice? Well, in short, it’s a juice loaded with different veggies that help you get your daily recommendation of vegetables. Whether your goal is to boost your immune system, slim down, or simply being healthy, green juice is the answer. Green juice is with other words a very interesting beverage and is available at most stores, Inner Luxury then decided to ask the best-selling green juice brands to explain why you should choose just their juice.

1. Evolution Fresh: “Sweet Greens and Lemon”
The juices made in the Evolution Fresh series is juice made from wholesome ingredients. According to Jimmy Rosenberg, the founder, they truly believe in the fact that juice should taste as close to fresh-picked as possible with minimal processing. To a question why their “Sweets Greens and Lemon” juice is good for you, they replied:

All of our juices are cold-pressed using High Pressure Processing (HPP) to help protect flavor and nutrients. Nothing is added – no preservatives, or added flavors – just our favorite produce, minimally processed. HPP inactivates harmful pathogens by applying pressure evenly on the juice after it is bottled. As with all perishable food, these products should be kept refrigerated.

Their “Sweet Greens and Lemon” juice is Non-GMO verified and like they said contain no preservatives or added flavors. It’s made out of kale, celery, apple, cucumber, spinach, lime, lemon, and parsley.


2. Juice Generation: “Supa Dupa Greens”
Juice Generation’s juice has been featured in everything from magazines to being mentioned of by celebrities. It’s no wonder their “Supa Dupa Greens” juice is so popular considering it gets a lot of publicity.

All their cold-pressed juices are Non-GMO certified, certified kosher, gluten-free, and the “Supa Dupa Greens” juice is vegan containing kale, celery, apple, cucumber, spinach, lemon, collard greens, and parsley.


3. Juice Press: “Doctor Green Juice”
“Doctor Green Juice” is one of JP’s best selling products and is great considering it’s USDA certified organic, it’s raw and it’s cold pressed. Unlike the other green juices on this list “Doctor Green Juice” contains probiotics that make it stand out. Since they wouldn’t give me a straight answer to why “Doctor Green Juice” is good and why it contains probiotics I had to look it up myself at their website:

Because PROVIOTIC flourishes in juice, JP’s raw, unprocessed juices and smoothies are the ideal delivery mechanism for a healthy dose of probiotics. Why? There are plenty of prebiotics (that’s food for good bacteria!) in the juice to keep the probiotics vital and strong up until the moment of consumption. PROVIOTIC is supportive of digestive and immune health, as well as inhibitory of well known pathogens like listeria, e. coli, and salmonella, as shown by ivy-league partnered research studies.

Besides that, their “Doctor Green Juice” is made of kale, ginger, apple, pineapple, and lemon which makes it a perfect beverage loaded with vitamins and minerals.


4. Pressed Juicery: “Greens 1.5”
Pressed Juicerys motto is that a healthy lifestyle isn’t an exclusive club. Their mission is to bring nutritious, premium juice to everyone who strives to live their best life. Besides, their juicing facility is close to the independent farmers who grow their juice, minimizing the transportation time from farm to bottle to you. In a question why their “Greens 1.5” juice is good for you and why they have sea salt in it, they answered:

The Greens 1.5 is one of our lowest calorie and lowest sugar green juice and is designed to nourish and energize your body, which is the reason most customers choose this juice.

Although they didn’t explain the sea salt part they mentioned it on their website, saying that it’s there to create a little “zestiness”. Their juices never contain added sugar, sweeteners, fillers, or preservatives, making “Greens 1.5” a healthy juice made of celery, cucumber, kale, lemon, parsley, romaine, sea salt, and spinach,


5. Suja Juice: “Glow”
Suja, actually meaning long, beautiful life, embodies the promise that flows from the cold-pressured beverages it delivers in each and every bottle. One of the many things Suja Juice believes in is that organic juice is a grocery, not a luxury and that living food makes us more alive. This was their response to what the health benefits are from their “Glow” juice:

Cucumber is a great source of potassium. Celery is high in Vitamin K and A, folate (B Vitamin) and a good source of potassium. Collards are an excellent source of Vitamin A, K and C. Mint tea helps ease digestive issues and soothes the stomach. Spinach is loaded with Vitamin A, K and E.

All their juices are Non-GMO project verified, vegan, kosher certified, dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, and there are no added sweeteners. The “Glow” juice is made by kale, celery, cucumber, collard greens, apple, spinach, peppermint tea, and spearmint tea.


That’s all I have for you this time, keep in mind though that even if green juice is very healthy and good for you from many aspects, you shouldn’t drink too much of it. It should be used as part of an overall, well-balanced diet and not for ‘cleanses’ or ‘detoxes’, as that is what we have kidneys and livers in our bodies for.

Bye for now,


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