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Hello and welcome to Inner Luxury – a blog where everything from healthy organic food to beauty advice is discussed. Our goal is to find everything that will help you feel beautiful both on the inside and the outside. After all, everyone deserves to feel their best.

I, Emily, got the idea to start this blog when I realized there aren’t many popular beauty/fitness sites on the internet that post real facts all the time, often their posts are colored from new and popular trends without looking at them through a critical eye. Of course, it’s quite hard to know everything about everything, but I decided that Inner Luxury will at least try to present new ideas to you that we will have looked at from different angles. With other words, Inner Luxury is a blog where everything has gotten a background check to see if facts support it before it get’s posted.

If you are interested in reading about how to make healthy recipes, knowing which foods are better than others, how to make exercising more fun, what you should do to get clear skin, and much more, then this blog is perfect for you. If you would like to subscribe through email you can do it to the right by clicking on the “subscribe” button.

About the authors:
If you would like to get to know the awesome authors writing the posts on this blog, you can do it here. (If you are interested in beauty/fitness/food/health related subjects and loves to experiment/investigate in stuff, you are more than welcome to become an author. You can let us know at the Contact us page.

Hello and welcome to Inner Luxury! I’m Emily and I’m the starter/admin of this blog. I will post a little bit of everything on this blog, but I mostly keep to writing about beauty and health related subjects. Some quick facts about me are: I’m Swedish, my favorite food is spaghetti bolognese, and well, ever since I was little I’ve been interested in beauty related subjects, therefore I decided to start this blog. Bye for now!